Sunday, June 21, 2009

Responsibilities and strategies to meet stakeholders' objectives

Explain the responsibilities of the selected organization and strategies employed to meet objectives of stakeholders (1 c)

Sample layout

1. What are the responsibilities of the PLC?
- Briefly explain PLC’s responsibilities
- Refer to page 47-71 for all responsibilities, briefly explain that, e.g. Making profit for shareholders etc.

2. What are the objectives (Goals) of the stakeholders?
* E.g. the objective of investor is ROI, i.e. dividend

3. What are the strategies employed to meet those objectives of stakeholders?
* You can use Ansoff matrix to explain the strategies that SingTel employed to meet the objectives of shareholders. Be brief, else, your answer may be more than 500 words.

4. Conclusion

Note: Given the length limitation of your answer, you may illustrate your answer by giving 1-3 examples of how PLC has developed strategies to meet objectives of selected stakeholder.


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